High-end ear-hook flat automatic mask machine

The high-end flat ear-hook full-automatic mask machine is afully automated production of flat masks.
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Product Description
 ♦ High-end ear-hook flat automatic mask machine
The high-end flat ear-hook full-automatic mask machine  It consists of a body plus two ear-spot spot welders, which mainly include coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge tendon feeding,and masks Forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding,finished product blanking and other processes complete the entire production process from the raw material of the coil to the finished mask.
The produced masks are comfortable to wear, no pressure, good filtering effect of masks, fit the face shape of people, and can be used in medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries。


Fully automatic
Fully automated without any manual operation.        
High efficient
Production efficiency, output per unit time,production cycle range of 120-140Pcs / min.Compact structure and small footprint.
 High quality
Excellent rate up 95% ,Machine error rate is low.

Working flow introduction:
The entire roll of fabric is unrolled and then combined by rollers. The fabric is unfolded through mechanical folding and the nose bridge is
pulled and unrolled. It is cut to length and then introduced into the edged fabric. It is ultrasonically welded to the seal on both sides and then
ultrasonically sealed , Cutting and forming by a cutter; the mask body is divided into two ear band spot welding machines by a one-to-two
dispenser, and the ear bands are ultrasonically welded; the number is set for stacking and receiving.

Equipment composition

No.        Name                                      Spection                                                                                                                               Qty

1           Maskcutter                              Complete anti-roll, composite, mechanicalfolding, and slice                                         1

2           Distributor                                Interval shunt                                                                                                                         1

3           External ear spot welder          External ear welding                                                                                                             2

Technical Parameters
Technical  standard  :
1.GB18613-2012  Energy consumption level requirements for small and medium-sized asynchronous motors
2. IEC60034-30 Motor efficiency level standard
3.GB699-88/700-88 Reference standard for mechanical performance
4. Reference standard for mechanical performance :ISO9001:2008.

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