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Why you need a coco fibre baler machine?

What is the uses of Coconut Fibre?

The application or uses of coco fibre has long history. Below are some main uses for your easy reference:

This material is popular used in packaging. The most traditional uses of coco fibre are making ropes and mats.

Coco fibre has property of good temperature management. So it is good insulation in construction and other industry.

Coco fibre is also a good material to create mattresses. It gives some natural feeling and some people like it very much.

It is also good material to create floor mats, home-use brushes, brooms, vehicle seats, or even concrete fiberboard.


Coconut Fibre

coco fibre baler machine


Why you need a coco fibre baler machine?

Since coco fibre is a loose fine material, it is not easy to transport if it is in original size. So coco fibre baler machine is the ideal baling machine to compress it into fixed sizes and weights bales for easy transportation, storage and selling.

Not all common baler machines are suitable for baling this material. Normally coco fibre needs large press force from 80-200 tons. It can be vertical coco fibre baler or horizontal coco fibre baler. These machines are built with high strength especially suitable for high fibrous, high rebounding force or high hardness.

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