Grain microwave curing machine

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Introduction of Grain microwave curing machine:

Can be used for grain drying,puffing,baking products,sterilization and other processing ,such as:black beans,soybeans,barley,oats,buckwheat,mung bean,red bean,cowpea, red bean.

Features of Grain microwave curing machine:

1. Heating, drying, sterilization quickly and evenly.

2. Low temperature sterilization, complete sterilization, can achieve commercial sterility.

3. Safety and health, no pollution.

4. Flexible and convenient operation, easy to control, small footprint.

Working principle of Grain microwave curing machine:

This microwave drying sterilization equipment is used of electromagnetic induction or infrared radiation to dry the raw material. By microwave energy permeation, the material inner moisture quickly been heated and gasified, forming a strong outward diffusion situation, to make the moisture extremely quickly spread to the surface.

Technical parameters of Grain microwave curing machine:

Equipment model GX-60HMV-8X GX-120HMV-12X
Working frequency 2450+50MHZ 2450+50MHZ
Rated input power ≤60KW ≤120KW
Microwave output power ≥50KW ≥110KW
Working temperature 70-200℃ (can be adjust) 70-200℃(can be adjust)
Cooling way Water cooling/air cooling Water cooling/air cooling
Working time 24hours (continuous) 24hours (continuous)
Feed port and discharge port height 40-100mm 40-100mm
Belt height 600-1000mm 600-1000mm
Belt transmission speed 0-10m/min (can be adjust) 0-10m/min (can be adjust)
Dehydration rate 40-50kg/hour 80-100kg/hour
Overall size(L*W*H) 12500mm*1600mm*2200mm 16500mm*1800mm*2200mm
Belt width 750+100mm(customization) 1000+100 (customization)
Microwave leakage standard National standard ≤5mw/㎡ National standard ≤5mw/㎡