Coconut Husk Shredding Machine

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The machine consists of a casing, a wire cutter, a motor, and a holder.The process is turning coconut husk into fiber.The material is put into the machine from the feeding port, and the wire cutter is rotated by the motor through the V-belt to open the material. The filamentous material is ejected from the discharge port, and the crucible falls from the hole under the fuselage.




Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimension
JZD-I 37+55 500 3400 3410×2300×1720
JZD-II 55+75 600-700 4100 4800×2250×1800
JZD-III 75+95 900-0100 4800 5750×2400×1900
JZD-XI 95+110 1500-1800 5100 6100×2600×2100