Coconut husk/coir rotary drum Dryer

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This machine is composed of cylinder,feeding and discharging devices,front and rear roller rings,large and small gears,rollers,lifting plate,reducer,motor,feed chute,dust collector,and fan.We could customize the heat source for your requirements, such as gas generator, biomass burning furnace, burner and so on. It can also be equipped with corresponding auxiliary equipment, such as dosing feeders, belt conveyors or bucket elevators, cyclone dust collectors, induced draft fans, etc.




The dry material enters into dryer from the higher end through the chute of the feeding device by conveyor or bucket elevator. The heat carrier enters from the lower end and is in countercurrent contact with the material. Both heat carrier and material are flowing into the cylinder together, and as the cylinder rotates, the material runs to the lower end under the action of gravity. A lifting plate is arranged on the inner wall of the drying cylinder, and the lifting plate picks up and sprinkles the material to make the material fully contact with the hot air flow, thereby improving the drying speed and promoting the advancement of the material, and the material is directly in the process of the cylinder body, directly Or indirectly obtained the heat of the heat carrier, so that the wet material is deliberately dried, and then sent out at the discharge end by a belt conveyor or a screw conveyor.

The heat carrier is generally classified into hot air, flue gas, After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, a cyclone is generally required to trap the material contained in the gas. If it need further reduction of the dust contect of exhaust gas,discharge it after passing the belt dust collector or wet dust collector.




Model Diameter(Φmm) Length(m) Power(kw) Reducer Model Reducer speed ratio Potating speed(r/min) Dehumidify fan(Y5-48) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t)
Φ0.8 Φ800 8 5.5 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.6 4C(4kw) 0.8~2.2 6.8
Φ1.0 Φ1000 10 7.5 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.7 5C(7.5kw) 1~3.3 7.5
Φ1.2 Φ1200 12 11 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.9 5C(7.5kw) 1.8~5.5 14
Φ1.5 Φ1500 14 15 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.8 5C(7.5kw) 3~8 20
Φ1.8 Φ1800 16 18.5 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.5 6.3C(15kw) 5~10 35
Φ2.0 Φ2000 18 22 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.7 6.3C(15kw) 6~12 45
Φ2.2 Φ2200 20 37 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.6 8C(22kw) 10~20 52
Φ2.4 Φ2400 20 45 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.8 8C(22kw) 12~25 75
Φ2.5 Φ2500 20 55 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.7 10C(37kw) 15~27 82
Φ2.7 Φ2700 20 90 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.5 10C(55kw) 20~30 90
Φ2.8 Φ2800 24 90 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.4 12.5C(55kw) 25~45 97
Φ3.0 Φ3000 24 110 ZQ Series 40.17 <4.2 12.5C(75kw) 30~50 106
Φ3.2 Φ3200 24 132 ZQ Series 40.17 <4 12.5C(110kw) 40~60 128




Rotary drum dryer is mainly used in drying cocout husk / coir or in powder and granular materials.It also can be used to dry sticky materials, paste materials or high humidity materials.With large production capacity,wide application,easy operation and other advantages. It's widely used in metallury,building materials,chemicals,coal,and other industries.