Tobacco Leaf Drying Machine

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Tobacco Leaf Drying Machine
Tobacco leaf dryer is actually an energy saving drying solution basic on heat pump drying technology.The heat pump cabinet can make full use of the air source instead of coal to dry tobacco is proven that the quality of tobacco dried in such way has been greatly improved and the drying costs has been greatly reduced.
Moreover, by keeping the box sealed, CO2 released in the tobacco leaves increases the content of CO2 in the box, which is conducive to yellowing of the tobacco leaves and formation of odor-causing substances, so as to improve the internal and external quality of the cured tobacco leaves and improve the aroma quality of the tobacco leaves. The use of air energy tobacco dryer has become the upgrade direction of traditional coal - fired tobacco oven.

What is the Working Principle of tobacco leaf drying machine ?
Untilize refrigerant compression through the compressor to form the high temperature and high pressure gas.The gas went into the condenser to release heat, the heat will be sent into the chamber by the circulating fan , to heat the air in the chamber(The maximum air temperature up to 75 ℃). Then the air temperature rises, the moisture in the drying material will gradually evaporate, and then exhaust of the moisture by the fresh air dehumidification system,to achieve the drying effect.
Why Choise the Tobacco dryer basic on heat pump technology.
1. Energy-saving:thermal efficiency is as high as 460%, operation cost is the 1/3 of fuel gas,fuel oil,1/4 of the electricity,40% lower than the solar energy,save 30% than coal.
2.Environmental protection: electricity directly, no waste heat,water and air emissions.
3.Safety:separation of water and electricity,no leakage danger,no explosion danger.
4.Easy installation:integrated drying,dehumidification,installation,demolition is convenient and can be installed inside or outside.
5. Drying quality control:intelligent control,color,lustre and shape remains unchanged.High degree of automation, intelligent,24 hours of continuous drying operation.Not affected by climate: whether it is windy or rainy, can be operation.

What are the parameters of  tobacco leaf drying machine ?

Rated Heating Capacity(kw) 10.5 18 36
Draining Capacity(kg/hr) 12 25 50
Host Input Power 2.8 kw 6.5kw 13 kw
Host Rated Current 5.5A 11.2A 22.4A
Compressor Form                               Enhanced vapor injection fully-closed vortex type  
Compressor Refrigerant R134a
Host Size(L*W*H)(mm) 1675*860*1280 1930*1150*1315 2220*1330*1553
Weight OHost 180kg 292kg 468kg
Board Room Size(L*W*H) 3500*2100*2200 4900*2200*2200 8000*2800*2200
Number OFans 6 8 24
Trolley Size(L*W*H)(mm) 1000*750*1750 1200*875*1750 1200*875*1750
Number OTrolley 4 6 12
Tray Size(L*W*H)(mm) 730*430*70 600*800*75 600*800*75
Number OTrays 96 144 288
Tray Material PP polypropylene /304 stainless steel