Mango Drying Machine

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Mango Drying Machine Introduction:


The mango heat pump dryer need a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor to obtain the requisite heat energy,Mango dryer safety and sanitation,Eco-Friendly,non-pollution and low power consumption.Automatic operation without personnel unattended,This is a kind of saving energy and Eco-friendly drying scheme.


Feature Of mango drying machine:


  • Easy installation: Easy installation and disassembly, covers less area, can be installed inside and outside.
  • Energy efficient: Less electric consumption,but absorb much heat from the air, power consumption is only 1/4 of the electric heater; compared with coal, oil, gas dryer,it can save about 60% the operating costs.
  • Environmental protection: no combustion and emissions, is a sustainable development of environmentally friendly products.
  • Safe and reliable operation: the whole system is running has no traditional dryers (fuel, gas or electric heating) may exist in the flammable and explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other hazards, is a safe and reliable semi-closed drying system.
  • Long life, low maintenance costs: Developed based on the the traditional air conditioning technology with stable performance, reliable, long life; safe and reliable operation, automatic manual operation, intelligent control.
  • Comfortable and convenient, automation, high degree of intelligence: adopt automatic temperature control device, 24 hours continuous drying operations.
  • Wide range of application,it is not affected by climate: it can be widely applied to food and agricultural products, seafood, paper wood, leather chemical medicine and other high-temperature hot water and drying system equipment.