Fruit Drying Machine

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This drying machine use of heat pump evaporator absorbs heat from the outside air.or recycling of exhaust gas residual heat in the process of drying.Through the work of compressor, the energy transport (transfer) to drying box, drying box of hot air after repeated cyclic heating, absorb the moisture in the material, its cooling humidification, through hot air platoon is wet or the process of condensation, water take the moisture out of the material, and finally realizes the continuous drying of materials.

This kind of heat pump dryer can widely used in the drying production for fruit, ginger, dates, lemon, mango slice, cherry, rasins, grape, fig, and most kinds of fruit material.


Main features of new generation of fruit dryer as below:


  • Energy saving & Environmental protection
  • Running Stable, operating easily
  • Exact control temperature and humidity
  • Recovery volatilized component
  • Safe and reliable operation, automatic intelligent control, 24-hour continuous drying. Stable operation without being influenced by weather.