Chili drying machine

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Product name: Chili drying machine 

Brief Introduction: 

Chili drying machine is a batch, continuous production equipment. The drying temperature is about 80℃. After drying, the original color, shape and nutrient content can be retained completely in the dried chili. The drying chamber and heating furnace are separate, so the hot air is pure and make no pollution to dried material. We have many successful chili drying story for your reference. 


1.Continuous production make large production possible

2.Full automatic, shorten the drying time and save labor

3.Effectively maintain the color and appearance of chili

4.More durable, corrosion resistant

5.Wide variety choice of heat sources. For example, natural gas, diesel, electricity, coal, wood, biomass particles, steam etc

Working principle:

The chili drying machine uses hot air as drying medium, and the hot air is sent to the dryer through the induced draft fan. The processed materials are conveyed by multi-layer stainless steel mesh belts and passed through a multilayer loop in the dryer. The hot air passes through the mesh belt and the material convey from top to bottom, layer by layer to achieve the purpose of drying.