Introduction to drying yield of herbage drying equipment

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Introduction to drying yield of herbage drying equipment
Mentioned here in this paper, the production, not simply say the amount of the amount of fresh and dry, or equipment of the production is how much, if there is no drying requirements, so it's meaningless to drying production, this sounds is around, have to say is, when you need to buy equipment, not directly ask manufacturer said: how much is the output of this equipment?The question is nonsense, so to speak. Why?Because there are different sizes of devices.There are devices of all sizes you want, but they are too large or too small for your drying needs, so what is the right way to buy them?In fact, you should first tell the manufacturer how much dry or wet goods you want to dry in a day, how high the moisture content is, how far you want to dry, and how much equipment you need.This is the right way to buy hay drying equipment.In this way, the communication with the factory is also to tell the pasture drying equipment manufacturer exactly what their needs are. After all, proper satisfaction is the key point when purchasing such large equipment.


Q: what are the types of herbage drying equipment and what production requirements can be met?
Answer: coming up from the type of equipment to distinguish the size, have heat pump drying room (small yield herbage) and net belt dryer (handle big yield grass), the two types of equipment to deal with different yield of forage grass, this is just a probably, for example a ton of the recommended drying room, can use more than one tons of mesh belt dryer, in addition to these, also look at grass, some grass is res drying room drying, but some are not suitable for mesh belt drying again.There are tens of thousands of types of herbage, just a phone call to our factory staff to confirm before purchasing.After distinguishing the types of drying equipment, we introduce the specific yield parameters in detail.

1. Output introduction of heat pump drying room:
The heat pump drying room is divided into three specifications, including 96 pallets, 144 pallets and 288 pallets, which are conventional. Of course, we can also customize larger or smaller pallets according to requirements.But the basic production is under a ton.The density of the tray can also be customized according to the type and shape of the material.


2. Introduction to drying yield of mesh belt herbage drying equipment:
This large dryer has various specifications, such as 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters, 10 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters, 13 meters, 14 m, 15 m, 16 m, these is also a general type, the longer the number of meters, production equipment, the greater the difference between two tons of, general factory can prepare some spot for customers to choose, but it is difficult to guarantee a spot to the season, so, in this opportunity to remind all our customers must plan ahead, don't again to the peak season to consult.In addition to the different length, the number of layers is also different. The regular number of layers is 4, but some customers will customize 6 layers due to excessive production.
The key point is to purchase appropriate and satisfactory equipment. No matter what the conventional model is, we should have sufficient time to inspect and customize the equipment that fully meets our needs before the crops are ripe. This is very important.


Say that finish production, many customers will care about the price problem, also in this warm remind customers you need to purchase a forage drying equipment, equipment specification is bigger, the price is higher, certainly can draw experience from the just introduce production this problem, buy certainly cannot directly ask factory how much your device?This is not appropriate or even a satisfactory answer.Because the manufacturers don't even know how big the equipment is.How can I tell you the price?