Which fields can industrial drum dryers be used

 News     |      2019-03-30 18:03
The industrial drum dryer plays an important role in the field of slime drying, so it is often called slime dryer. With the state's attention to environmental protection industry, large and small coal mines have been shut down, and the sales of slime dryers have also been seriously affected. So, does that mean that the slime drying equipment will be unavailable? Of course not. In addition to slime, industrial drum dryer has obvious advantages in many fields.
coal slime dryer
Sludge drying field. Sludge has the same properties as coal slime, and it has the characteristics of high water content, high viscosity and difficult transportation and utilization. The sludge moisture can be reduced to less than 12% by using LEEDEE drum dryer. The dried sludge can be used for incineration, power generation, garden soil, refractory additives, etc. to realize the harmless treatment of sludge.
Bean dregs drying field. Soybean residue is the residue from the production of soybean products. It can be used as animal feed and plant fertilizer after fermentation and drying. It is not only suitable for bean dregs, apple dregs, bagasse, wine dregs, Chinese medicine dregs, etc.
Sawdust drying field. Dryed sawdust, soybean husk and straw can be used to produce biomass particles after crushing. Biomass particles are a kind of relatively environmentally friendly fuel with strong regeneration ability, which is a clean energy advocated by the state.
Powder drying. Low-quality mineral powder is usually treated by dry separation method, but because of the high humidity of mineral powder, poor separation effect and low output, it has to be aired, which wastes manpower, materials, covers a large area, and increases the cost of dry separation are the practical difficulties faced by dry separation plants. Drying before mineral powder drying and then entering the drying machine after drying can make the grade more than 60%, the recovery rate more than 80%, and the output doubled. The equipment runs smoothly, the investment return of the equipment is large, and the drying cost is as low as 10 yuan per ton.
The sand is dried. LEEDEE industrial drum dryer used to dry sand has many advantages, such as large production capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance, large fluctuation range in operation and easy operation.