After-sales Service Commitment of Drying Series Products

 News     |      2019-03-30 17:58
Where LEEDEE machinery products are used, three packages shall be implemented in accordance with the "Three Packages Regulations" of the State. The warranty period is one year. Send technicians to the user to install and debug, impart technology, and ensure the user's satisfaction and reassurance! 
Pre sale service
(1) Provide users with detailed project consultation, project design and process design of dryer, and formulate a suitable purchase plan of drying equipment for users. (2) According to the special needs of users, design and manufacture products, and train professional and technical operators for users.
Sale service
(1) Acceptance and acceptance of dryer equipment.
(2) Assist clients in drafting construction plans.
(3) Training technicians for customers.
After-sale service
(1) Arriving at the scene to guide customers to install and debug.
(2) Help customers to make equipment operate normally.
(3) On-site training of operators.
Win by quality, build factories by faith, treat customers sincerely and innovate by technology
LEEDEE machinery has won many honors with its exquisite technology and advanced technology. LEEDEE machinery regards quality as its life and users as its God. Users are everything to us. We will always follow the quality policy of being responsible for every process, every product and every user, and serve the users wholeheartedly.
First-class after-sales service to create a first-class brand, LEEDEE machinery in decades of development, has been committed to the establishment of domestic drying equipment industry national brand, to provide customers with first-class drying equipment products and high-quality after-sales service!