Founded in 2017, it is a professional machinery manufacturing company integrating production and sales of machinery and equipment. Located in window of Southeast Asia, Garden City Singapore, Lida International Co., Ltd. cooperates with well-known domestic manufacturing enterprises in China to produce and sell machinery and equipment for the purpose of serving Southeast Asian countries in depth, relying on the strong manufacturing technology strength of the mainland of China. For Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines user friends to provide high-quality machinery and equipment.
Company tenet: cooperate hand in hand, service first, benefit win-win

After-sales service - drive value increase
1. Make technical solutions according to the requirements of material drying process and the production requirements and site planning of customers.
2. Determine the cooperation mode and sign the contract.
3. Production equipment shall be produced and installed according to the contract and the technical plan agreed by both parties.
4. After-sales personnel will debug the equipment on site until the normal dry products are baked, and guide customers to use and maintain the equipment correctly.